More progress (and some delays)

I’ve made a bit of progress, and had a few set-backs in the past few days – over all, I’m not too impressed…

First off, the Seaman’s Cap

So, Sunday I finally cast on for Grandpa A’s hat (meant to be part of his Christmas gift). I found that the K1, P2 ribbing was annoying, but stuck with it thinking that it’d be worth it in the end. Anyways, I got to about 40% done the hat before I decided to take a good look at it – only to discover that I made one small mistake in the ribbing in approximately the 3rd row from the beginning! Frak! No good! To try to avoid frogging the darned thing, I asked hubby and hubby’s best fried if either of them happened to need a new winter hat. Go figure – no dice! I, personally, would rather not give something I’ve made that has an obvious (to me) error in it as a gift. So, alas, hat has been frogged 😦 I don’t actually know if I’ll actually start this hat again, or choose something (entirely) different….

Next, we have Toddler Mittens

Ok, so these were going along pretty good, but as I got to the thumb, I decided to try them on the kid to make sure they’d fit. Go figure, they were a tight squeeze to get that little bit over her hands! Arg! Time to find a CHILD sized mitten pattern! No fair! She’s only 3!

Oh yes, and previous to these two disaster projects, was supposed to be my new Calorimetry

Of course, this project did not bode well either! I honestly don’t know how, but something ended up wonky (most likely in my tote bag, as the needles didn’t have point protectors on them, and the tote bag was just thrown under the stroller in a hurry), and this project has also been frogged 😦

Honestly, I’ve taken these 3 new project disasters as a sign that I need to get Sarah’s Blanket done, or at least work on it a bit. I’ve pretty much had it on hold since I finished the first panel, as it was a “bore me to tears” kind of knit. Honestly, I’d rather have to do 10 000 000 000 rows of stockinette stitch in the round than have to work on this, but it’s gotta get done. I’ve made the investment (although a fairly tiny one) in the yarn (and what would I do with 3lbs of blue Bernat Chunky otherwise?!).

So, I’ve cast on for the second panel, and am nearly done the second repeat now. I’m hoping that I manage to stand working on it long enough to get at least half, if not 3/4 of this panel done today!

So, this concludes my knitting update. I heard you blanket – are you happy now?


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