Christmas Knitting Update

With so much work still yet to be done before Christmas, I thought I would just write an update on where I am in my list of things that have to be done!

Project list with statuses:

  1. Sarah’s Blanket – 2 panels complete, 2 more panels started – on the back burner for a bit until I make a bit more progress on some of the other items on the list (that are more fun to work on!)
  2. Cindy’s Tuscany Shawl – into the 5th of 11 repeats! This was progressing faster than expected, but now is getting into the longer rows, so is starting to slow in progress.
  3. RJ’s Socks – done the cuff and am about 1/3rd of the way done the leg on the first sock!
  4. Dad’s Socks – yarn is chosen, but yet to be ordered
  5. Gramma’s Vest – ordering the yarn on the 15th!
  6. Aunt Tanya’s Counterpoint Scarf – still need to choose the yarn – I think I know what I’ll be using, but want to explore other options before I make a firm decision…
  7. Dad’s 2nd pair of socks – same as other pair
  8. Mr.Blue-Eyes’ Stocking – pattern is chosen, but am unsure of yarn. I saw the handicrafter christmas colourways the other day and might go with some of those – not overly sure though and want to take a look at what some other options might be first! It IS his first stocking!

I suspect that I’ll only make on pair of socks for my Dad before Christmas, and have the other pair ready for when he gets back from Jamaica in January (yeah, he goes there EVERY Christmas – insane, I know!) – less stress that way. Depending on how the other projects go, I suspect that I’ll likely knit my boy’s stocking on the way to hubby’s grandparents on Dec. 22nd – it’ll give me something to do for the 6hr ride! That, or I’ll work on whatever else is to be done, and work on the stocking after we get there. Either way, I suspect that it (the stocking) should be a fairly fast knit.

I’ll be placing a KnitPicks order on the 15th of this month (Yay!), which will include the yarn for Gramma’s vest and for both pairs of Dad’s socks, as well as the full set of of sock DPNs and a full Options set! Yay!

The DPN & Options sets are a part of my birthday gift – but I’m getting them early (and know about them already) because I told hubby that I can’t risk placing the order for the yarn later than the 15th, and no matter what, I was getting the DPN set because I really need it. When I told him that, he told me to go ahead and order the Options set as well, because he had been planning on buying both of the sets for me anyways 😀 Have I mentioned how much my hubby rocks? Oh, and what makes him rock even more? Yeah, I get yarn too!

I’ll be waiting until November to get the yarn though, and I’ll be going to Wool N’ Things in Orleans to get it. I went there on Sunday and fell totally in love with the place! Now, I have to say, I was a bit leery about going in there at first – my previous experiences with LYS’ have not been overly pleasant – I’m usually faced with such snobbery that it makes my stomach turn (I’ve found CSC is ESPECIALLY bad for this, as well as the LYS in Sudbury that’s on Barrydowne), but this place is TOTALLY different! Gisele is so kind and SO helpful and makes you feel so comfortable – I foresee a lot of money being spent in there (not like that’d be a hard thing to do – it IS yarn!!).

This reminds me – the reason why I had to go there was because I had ordered some Rowan Calmer from an ebay seller for the MYB swap on Craftster, and after 15 (now 17) business days, it STILL hadn’t shown up (and still hasn’t, along with my Rowan Kid Silk Haze – boo 😦 ). Wool N’ Things was (is) the only store here that carries Rowan, so I had to go there for that. They didn’t have the colour I wanted, but I did manage to find a reasonable substitute. The only thing that was a bit disappointing was that I paid almost $6 more there than I had online….Ah well, it was worth it – and at least it went towards supporting a LYS!

Anyways, I’ll end this “all-over-the-place” post for now (yes, I blabber on a lot!). Hopefully more progress updates will come soon!


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