Well, I’ve learned one thing, and that is that it’s frustrating when you’re trying to knit something for someone that you live with without them seeing/finding out about it!

The socks I’m knitting for one of my hubby’s Christmas gifts are coming along swimmingly, and would be even more so if I could whip them out at night to work on them while watching tv. Alas, I cannot. On one hand, I suppose that this is a good thing, as I’m actually making progress on Tuscany instead of just plowing through the socks…

Speaking of Tuscany, I have set a goal for it! I finished up the 5th set of repeats last night, and will be working on the 6th set tonight while I watch Grey’s and the Office (yay! Thursday t.v rocks!). My Goal? To be finished the 8th repeat come Monday night (I would actually like to be finished the 9th set, but I don’t want to get to ambitious!).

This weekend is a long weekend for Thanksgiving, and seeing as how MY side of the family SUCKS, we will be having it here, by ourselves (and possibly with one close family friend, but that’s it, even though my ENTIRE side of the family lives within 30 minutes of us), so it should leave me plenty of prime knitting time, especially seeing as hubby will be home for 3 whole days! If I manage to accomplish this, it means that I’ll be right on track to complete it well BEFORE the end of the month, and then I’ll have no excuse not to pick up Sarah’s blanket (which I haven’t touched since the circs got in) and get that done and out of the way as well!

So, a small estimate is that there will be at least 2 FO’s this month (the cabled hat and Tuscany), the medium guess is 3 FO’s (Sarah’s Blanket along with the other 2), and the large estimate is 4 FOs (the socks too!). I’ll have 3-5 days of bedrest/taking it easy after my surgery, which gives me prime knitting time (no having to put it down every 5 seconds to run after the kids!), so I’m hopefully optimistic that I’ll get the 3 FOs in!


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