Turkey Weekend Tuscany Progress

I know, the weekend isn’t quite over (yay 3-day weekends!), but I am so insanely happy with my progress on Tuscany that I just had to report on it!

Ok, so the pic is not that great – but I can’t spread the work out properly because of my own stupidity. Yeah – I some how thought I needed a 29″ circ, when in reality, I need a 40″!

In this pic, it is stretched from join to join, so yeah, it’s getting big! Yay!

Out of curiosity, I decided to measure just how big it is now. I was unable to get a width measurement because of the circ length issue, but for length – unstretched, I’m already at 18″ long, and from cast-on, running up the side of the work, is 21″ unstretched.

I’m ok with the amount of knitting that I’ve gotten in so far this weekend – I was at the half-way point in the 6th repeat at the beginning of the weekend, and am now almost done the 7th repeat. I didn’t get as much done as I might have, as we ended up going to my grandparents for dinner after all – yay turkey!

I’m off to knit a bit more before bed – hopefully tomorrow will be my sleep-in day!


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