Quick update…

Ok, so I didn’t manage to finish the 8th set of repeats on Tuscany as I had wanted to, BUT I did at least manage to start that set…Yeah, I finished the first row! Go me – lol!

I also managed to knit another 2″ on to sock #2 of the Socktoberfest socks this morning – so, not too bad.

I really aught to work on Sarah’s blanket, but for some reason, I have THE strongest urge to knit mittens. Alas, I have promised myself that I will not start another project until I have cast off one of the projects I currently have on the go… 3 WIPs at a time… Any bets of exactly how long that’s going to last?

But seriously, as happy as I am with the projects I have on the go right now, I’m feeling like I need a quick start-to-finish project here and there to keep me happy through the large-and-major-time-consuming projects.

On another note, I’m starting to have a minor panic attack here…Despite having bought an extra ball of Sonata for Tuscany, I don’t think I’m going to have enough for the full 11 repeats…. DAMNIT! Hopefully something comes out of the ISO thread I put up on Ravelry!


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