I just got the email confirmation that my knitpicks order has shipped! YAY! Lots of pretty yarn and needles are on their way to me!

Now the rush is on to try to get Tuscany done before they arrive so I can play once everything gets here! I had wanted to get it done by Friday anyways, so not like it’s a bad thing – it actually gives me motivation to get it done quickly šŸ˜€

On a Tuscany note, there’s no way that I have enough yarn to do the 11th repeat (I’m 3 rows into 9th repeat now, and have just started the 5th of 6 balls, with each set of repeats now using nearly a full ball). Hubby says having it being a bit shorter that the pattern calls for isn’t so bad seeing as his mom is about 5’3″ – so I don’t feel so bad having it be a bit on the “short” side.

Only doing 10 instead of 11 sets actually means I’m THAT much closer to being done, and instead of being at the 75% done that I had stated on Ravelry, I’m actually 82% done! YAY!

Watch this space for a lovely FO by the end of the week!


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