Counterpoint & KP order news

I received an email from KnitPicks this morning with a CP tracking number…Of course, since then, I’ve been pretty much refreshing the tracking page every 5 minutes! When I checked it just now, lovely yarn-y/needle-y package of joy has just been accepted into the sortation plant in my city! I have mixed feelings about this.. On one had – good thing it didn’t get here today so I can get more of Counterpoint done (you do know I’ll end up casting on for another project as soon as I open that box, right?), but on the other hand, I’m left disappointed – especially, because it says right on the tracking page that it “SHOULD” be delivered today (stupid delivery standard!). It’s now 3pm, no way it’ll get over here today! Ah well, yarn-y and needle-y goodness tomorrow for sure!

Anyways, my real reason for posting is the aforementioned Counterpoint!

It *looks* like just some plain jane scarf…..


It’s a bunch of awesomeness in disguise!!


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