I like orange. Really, I do (the right shade of it, it’s my favorite colour). However, having the “terracotta” yarn I order come in to be frigging ORANGE, well…. that stresses me. Orange is not what Gramma asked for. I don’t even know if she LIKES orange! I was told coppery-bronze. This stuff is nothing like that.

Looks like I might get that Grass coloured sweater after all…

Yes, this means that, despite all of complaining earlier, my KP order is in. I love all my needles, and the yarn for my dad’s socks are perfect, but this large pile of ORANGE yarn really overshadows it all.

I looked at the website on *3* different monitors (yes, we really do have 3 computers – oh and a server too), plus I got my mother-in-law to check it out on her computer , before I decided to go and order it. The stuff in my box, and the stuff on (technically) 4 monitors is totally different stuff.

I think I’m still in shock.

Here is the yarn in question:

Natural light – inside:
Natural light outside:

I keep on going back and looking at it and wondering what to do… It’s still sitting on the kitchen table, and looking at it from here, it looks like a darker pumpkin…. Just waiting for hubby to get home to make a final decision, then I might email pics to mother-in-law and see what she thinks (It’s her mom this is for).

**ETA** It’s not just me with this yarn – I asked a question about colour inaccuracies in the KnitPicks group on Ravelry, and I’m not the only one who has had the exact same opinion with this yarn! I am going to keep it, but not use it for the intended project. Me thinks I have another Tuscany in my immediate future – this time in RED!

I’ll put pics of the stuff I love in another post.


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  1. Posted by MissVicki on October 25, 2007 at 5:46 am

    Oh my! I can see why you are distressed about that yarn. I love that colour very much, I wish it were all mine (let me know if you every decide you need need to swap it for something else *wink*). But I have to agree, it is not exactly what I would call coppery, rather it reminds me of pumpkin and seet potato soup laced with spices. I feel your pain, especially after you did so much research to try to avoid this sort of trouble. This makes me wish my colour cards would hurry up and arrive, to keep me out of similar trouble.


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