Well, colour me unhappy!

I’m not happy, and I’m definitely NOT impressed.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I HATE the building we’re living in (enough to try to move after Christmas, in the dead of winter, IF we can find a house – no more apartments for this girl!).

They’ve been doing electrical work in the building for weeks now, and despite being on a different meter than the rest of the building, EVERY TIME they start working on the electrical, our power shorts out for a few minutes. Yeah, ok, that’s a little annoying and all, but today is REALLY going to drive me NUTSO! They put a notice by the elevator door last night that today the power is going to be out on certain floors, and that the buzzer/intercom system is going to be down for the ENTIRE day!

Did I mention that my KP order is showing as “out for delivery”? Or that my mail slot isn’t big enough for the package? Yeah. Wonderful. Not.

Looks like I’ll be waiting ANOTHER day for my package because the mail dude will have no way of telling me that he’s in the lobby with my yarn-y/needle-y goodness. Boo!

Despite this craptacular bit of info, I DO have some exciting news to report! I’m going to be an auntie again (I already have 2 nephews, hence the “again”)! More itty-bitty baby knits for me, sooner than I expected (I know, I have a baby too – but at 5 months, he’s almost in TODDLER sized clothing! Where’d my baby go!?!). They don’t have a due date yet (waiting for an ultrasound), but it looks like their baby#3 will be due sometime around my 2 kiddos’ birthdays (mine are 12 days short of being exactly 3 years apart!).

Looks like I might *have* to add one more itty-bitty baby sized project on the Christmas queue!


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