A little bit of progress is better than no progress at all…

Well, not a ton of new stuff to report, but I have managed to make some progress on the Ruby Tuscany – I’ll be starting the 4th set of repeats after I’m done writing this post. I’m happy with how it’s progressing, and am hoping to somehow be over the half-way point by the end of the week (this was seeming to be a logical goal before hubby came down with a throat infection, and now both the Goof and myself are starting to feel not so great). Anyways, I’m hopeful that this will be done before the December 20th deadline I set for it. I’m thinking that I might actually be liking this Tuscany better than the first one I knit.

The one thing that still gets me is how I can do multiple sets of repeats out of the first ball, but after that first ball, it goes to one set of repeats per ball. I suppose it really does make sense, but the ends start to get annoying after a few balls (not at that point yet – still on the first ball, but working on it again brought back this thought).

Another thing that I have noticed while working on this Tuscany, is that I made a few mistakes on the first one. First of all, in the second half of the chart, where the k3tog changes, (in the first Tuscany) I never changed to the other stitch sequence, but I am in this one. Second, the very last stitch on the WS before the YO, I never knit it on the first one, but am on this one. Lemme just say – the sides look much nicer on this one (but I do still love the first one I knit), and things make a lot more sense….

As for my Dad’s socks, well….They’re sitting on my bedside table, an inch away from the toe decreases on the second sock. I know! Soooooo CLOSE to being finished, but the lack of work I had done on Tuscany, I was starting to get overly anxious about getting it done in time, so I decided to set aside the sock for a bit in order to get something done on Tuscany. I’m not concerned though – an evening of tv knitting should get the sock finished. In fact, I may try to finish it up tonight!


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