2007 – A Look back

Well, 2007 has been my first full year knitting! I have knit previous to ’07, but it was only 2 small-ish garter stitch projects ( a baby blanket and a scarf in ’06, and I think I made part of a scarf back in 1990 *when I first learned the knit stitch – lol*), but it’s only this year that I have seriously started knitting and made some actual progress.

Planning ahead for 2008 has made me think about the different techniques that I have learned this past year, and I have to say, I’m at least a little impressed!

In 2007, I learned:

  1. How to purl
  2. Ribbing
  3. Short rows (learned for Calorimetry)
  4. Knitting in the round
  5. Simple lace (started when trying to knit a blanket for my not-yet-born at the time son *turned into a cabbage patch doll blanket for my daughter*, and later picked up again to make 2 Tuscany shawls)
  6. Cables (did a small swatch, just to see if I could, then started a blanket for my sister)
  7. Basic sock construction (slip-stitch heels, turning a heel, gussets)
  8. Kitchener stitch/grafting
  9. Drop stitch (for a drop-stitch scarf I made my sister)
  10. Basic hat construction
  11. Mitten/fingerless mitten Construction
  12. Some sweater construction (for Daisy – a baby sweater)

It also looks like I crated approx.25 FO’s this year (28 if you count the 3 lonely socks that are looking for their mates – lol!). Not too shabby!


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