A yarn snob from birth… Oh! And more socks!

I kid you not. My son is a yarn snob. Did I mention that he’s only 7 months old? It’s that or he’s just as in love with Fleece Artist as I am! I could put 3 skeins on the floor – and I swear – he’d go for the FA every time! Love that boy – I’ll make a knitter out of him one day (he already sits at my feet and happily watches me knit – he’s fascinated by those shiny sticks and pretty yarn)….

Speaking of Fleece Artist – I am hoping with all my might that the Nova Socks I bought off from someone on the Ravelry ISO/Destash group shows up in my mail box today – I’m starting to get a wee bit anxious to squish it!

In other news, I’ve started a pair of socks for my goofy girl. I’ve started them as my project for the Craftster 2008 Colour Craft-a-long. I had actually bought the yarn I’m using for my January project for last year – but obviously – I never got around to using it (it had come in the mail too late to really do anything with). I’m honestly glad that I’ve finally found a use for it – I’ve been looking at it for nearly a year now not knowing what to do with it. Rainbow isn’t really my thing – but it’s perfect for my goofy girl. I’m finished the gusset and into the foot of the first sock – should be finished it tonight (and hopefully cast on for the second).

Oh! And I just have to say – I LOVE how fast kid-sized socks knit up! I’ve honestly not spent much time on them, and they’re quite literally flying off the needles. I’m using the same pattern I used for my birthday socks/hubby’s socks/dad’s socks (8 sizes in one pattern – I love it!), and I have not yet used the same sized needles for more than my dad’s and hubby’s pairs (I used a 2.5US for theirs, and a 2US for mine, and a 1.5US for GG’s). I must know my gauge fairly well – I figured that if I went a needle size down from the needles I used for my socks, and knit the child’s large (which is a size larger than GG would normally take – they are supposed to fit a 10-12, and GG is in the size range below that), they should fit GG pretty well. Well, lo-and-behold – they fit her leg PERFECTLY! I’m pretty impressed with myself – and I have to say just how much I love the pattern – it is my absolute go-to pattern for plain socks now!

Oh! And I spoke to my sister about her blanket – I told her I’d have it done for her sometime in the next 10 years or so – but I’ll make her something else for now. I told her that I had been thinking about making her some fingerless mitts/gloves or something – and she seemed very happy with that idea! Yay – blanket be gone! So, one day soon, I will be CO’ing some fingerless mitts – most likely a pair of Fetchings!

Well, that’s about all I have to ramble about on the knitting front for now – hopefully I’ll have some pics to post tomorrow!

***For reference, the sock pattern can be found at http://www.doublediamondknits.com/free.html – it is the Basic pattern in 8 sizes – right at the top of the page


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