Two pairs down, 10 more to go!

I’m pretty darned happy (despite recovering from an icky cold – is it just me, or do they seem to get worse as you get older?). I’ve now finished my birthday socks and am totally in LOVE with them (photos to come after they are washed)! Not only am I in love with them, they are my second pair of finished socks of 2008! Only 9 & 1/4 pairs to go (I’m hoping to have those done by Feb.1st – making 3 finished pairs of socks for January!). It’s looking more and more feasible that I’ll have no problems finishing those 12 pairs this year!

I also currently have a pair of Fetchings on the needles right now (for my sister – to make up for my failure of not finishing her blanket – might make her a Calorimetry to go with them as well), and once those (and Hubby’s socks!) are done – I’ll FINALLY be casting on for Wicked! Yay! I’ve decided to go with the short sleeved version – a change from my original plans. Why? A silly reason really! I bought a cream/ivory long sleeved, boat necked shirt from Old Navy without trying it on first. It fits fabulously, however, it is almost entirely see-thru! I’m not of the hoochie-style persuasion, and it will look pretty nice with the dark eggplant purple I’ve chosen for the sweater – so short sleeved it is (Hubby even agrees that he thinks it’ll look quite nice).

After (or during) that, I’ll CO for a pair of Jaywalkers. I happen to have some KP Memories (love the stuff!) in my stash in the Cape Cod colour way that is not my cup of tea, but would be to my mom’s taste – so I’ll be using that, and these will be her Christmas gift.

So my friends, that will mean that after I’ve finished the above (hopefully by the end of February), I will have finished 3 of the (currently 14) items from my ’08 knit list, and will be finished 1/3rd of my sock knitting goal! I’m pretty darned excited!


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