Quick update!

Fetchings are done (aside from the “finishing” work), and I’m approx. 8 rows away from the beginning of the toe decreases for Hubby’s second sock! Hurray for productive weekends! Including today, there are 3 days until the end of the month, meaning that I will definitely have finished 4 projects (of which there are 3 pairs of socks! Go me!) for January.

I am now stuck contemplating what I’m actually going to cast on next. Here’s the thing – I know it needs to be 2 projects cast on at once – I can’t stand the monotony of having only one project on the needles right now (but alas – it has to be that way, or Hubby’s socks will never be completed!).

I know that, for absolute certain, I will be casting on for Wicked (mmm…sweater….), but am stuck as to what project #2 should be. I know I had previously posted about CO’ing for a pair of Jaywalkers for my mom (with that yarn that just isn’t me, but is totally her), yet I have 3 skeins of yummy Fleece Artist sock yarn sitting in my stash just crying to be knit (and that my fingers are itching to knit, and my feet are begging for). I have some Merino 2/6 (the stuff in the main blog photo) that I think would make some beautiful Monkeys, some Nova socks in mermaid that are crying Pomotomus, and some Sea Wool that just can’t decide what it wants to be…..

Oh, what to knit, what to knit!? Should I CO for the Jaywalkers? Or the Monkeys? Or the Jaywalkers AND the Monkeys?????

(P.S – photos of the new FO’s – and nearly FO’s will be coming just as soon as I locate the camera!)


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