Wicked hates me!

I don’t know what it is, but in the last month, I have tried exactly 5 times to cast on for wicked – and .every.single.time. SOMETHING goes wrong. One time the work twisted at some point to produce some rather wonky results, another time stitch counts were some how off, and the last time, the cable popped out of the socket, making a ton of stitches fall off. Rather frustrating, so for the time being, that project is (again) being moved to the back burner until it decides to be less spiteful. In the meantime, I have a pair of Monkeys (for me) and a pair of Jaywalkers (for my mom’s ’08 Christmas gift) started.

I honestly don’t know why I had been so scared of trying socks with a pattern/design in them – they’re FUN and not hard like I thought they would be. I had seriously been missing out!

The Monkeys just seem to fly off the needles – just look!
I know that there are only 3 repeats on the leg (technically making them anklets), but if I would have knit the 6 repeats, they wouldn’t have fit on my leg! I still love them though and can’t wait to wear them.

The Jaywalkers are progressing a bit more slowly (the kf/b is getting to me), but the pattern is very easy to memorize (a whole 2 lines – yay) so I’ll be able to knit on them if I have to go out anywhere. Pictures of them will come later when there’s enough progress that I think warrants a photo being taken 🙂


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