One little monkey…

Well, it’s not exactly little (I have us 10 wide feet), sock #1 of the Monkey socks is done! I L-O-V-E LOVE it – as does GG (as you can obviously see!). Even Hubby thinks they’re pretty spiffy! Yay for spiffy socks!

After this project, I’m going to take a quick detour from sock knitting to knit up some cute little Mochimochi Land hearts as my February project for the Craftster 2008 Colour Craftalong. It’ll give me an oppertunity to use up some of the left over yarn from Gramma’s Tuscany shawl. These will likely end up being ornaments for the Christmas tree for next year (might even whip up a few as gift tage – we’ll see) – yay for advanced crafting!

After that, it’s back so my current sock knitting obsession and finishing up the Monkeys and more work on the Jaywalkers!

Oh, and a little note on the Jaywalkers – I’m now trying to decide if these should be going to my mom or my sister. Why I may be changing my mind – I can’t remember if my mom has the insanely muscular calves like I have (that would prevent them from fitting her). If it happens to be that way, at least I can gift them to my sister (who I think would also like them – especially because they’d be nice and warm for skidooing )….

Decisions, decisions…..


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  1. Posted by Elani on November 11, 2008 at 9:36 pm

    Interesting to know.


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