I have a bit of a dilemma – it’s one that I have many months left to solve, but it’s something that I’d like to get out of the way as soon as I can (so I don’t have to worry about it later on).

I *had* been planning on knitting my MIL some reusable grocery bags for Christmas (she never takes bags from the grocery store). I thought though, that I would ask her what kind of knit things she might like at gifts – just to make sure that I wouldn’t be wasting my time on something she wouldn’t use. Yeah, I kinda regret it a bit now…

She wants a sweater….and a “fluffy” one at that…

Well, lets just say that MIL’s and my tastes couldn’t be further apart (her tastes range from loud sparkily/glittery shirts to those floral print t-shirts that you might expect a Grandma to wear, while I’m more of a jeans and t-shirts/sweaters with a dressy/funky shirt thrown in here and there kind of girl), and what her idea of a nice sweater is about 1000 miles off from what I would like, and well, it would be in a yarn that makes me want to run and hide. Oh, yes, and it would be in a 3-4x size. Don’t get my wrong, I have nothing against plus sized knits (I’m a borderline plus sized gal – I teeter the line – myself), but knitting something that size in a yarn that gives me the “ICKY” kind of shivers, it’s not my idea of fun. To be completely honest, if I was ever insane enough to start the project, I don’t think I’d ever finish it.

For this year, I had a good excuse to bow out (I had previously been telling her about my saga with Wicked – she knits too), so I lucked out – BUT – she told me she wants one when I’m” ready to knit something like that”….Which, in all honesty, will be never – but I didn’t tell her that…

Maybe I’ll be able to play the “Oops, I forgot” card next year , or hopefully, I’ll get lucky and she’ll forget that she ever asked (Christmas ’09 IS a whole 22 months away after all!).

In the meantime, she’s asked for a “toque” , so now I need some sort of interesting hat pattern. I have 2 on my knit queue for this year already, but one is for me (Odessa – and I’m not giving it up either!) and one is for my best friend’s Christmas gift. This leaves me somewhat clueless – I guess I aught to take a peek on the Ravelry pattern browser and see if I can find something that catches my eye. If anyone is still out there reading this – do you have any suggestions?!?


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