My knitting area and flashing my stash!

So, after reading a thread on the “Reclaiming the Home” group on Ravelry, I finally got around to taking a few photos of my knitting area and how I store my knitting stash. So, Without further ado, I present….

My knitting area!

This is such a pleasant place to sit and knit – especially on a sunny day like today! I have everything I need within my reach, and I have a good view of where the kids are too!

This tower is where all of my yarn lives.

On top, I have a basket for my WIPs

as well as a basket for my knitting books, patterns, stitch markers & etc.

My random balls of yarn and single skeins live in the top drawer,

Sock yarn in the middle drawer,

and sweater (quantities of) yarn in the bottom drawer.

Last but not least, my needles & finished projects (that still need attention for something, or need to be wrapped) live in the knitting basket beside the tower.
The chair beside the basket also doubles as a table to hold a drink, or a place for the Goofy Girl to sit and watch me knit.

So, that’s my stash & knitting area. I like it, even if it is right smack dab in the middle of the chaos – it’s still my own little spot!

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