Yay! Finished Monkeys! Less than a day without hand-knit socks to wear (I’m hoping this doesn’t become a trend!)…

I seriously procrastinated with these socks. They should have been done WEEKS ago. Ah well, they’re done now, and I love them! Hello pretty socks!

This means that my February goals have pretty much been completed (not as far along on Wicked as I’d like to be, but that’s what happens when the cables break & it takes 2 weeks to get replacements in!), and I have now completed 4 of 12 pairs of socks for 2008.

Speaking of socks… The Jaywalkers…I have a bit of a dilemma with them. As much as I like how they’re turning out, I’m nervous about them. Why? They’re being knit of the same yarn type as the Birthday socks, and I don’t know if I want to put all that time and effort into a gift to have them wear out so easily! I’m seriously considering just frogging them and destashing the yarn on Ravelry… I’m not so sure I want to take a risk on this yarn again…

Speaking of which, I’m seriously considering re-knitting the hole areas on the birthday socks – it looks like I should have enough yarn to do it.

I also seem to need to rip back J’s rainbow socks a bit to add some length in. Go figure she would have a foot growth spurt now…


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