What happens when I get my hands on a ball winder…

“Oh…I’ll just wind one Ball”…..

Turns into….

Yeah…that’s not it either…I also tackled the “charity knitting box” too – no pics there though!

Oh – and for those of you who have been commenting lately – I’m sorry for being such a bad blogger and not replying! Things have been pretty crazy in the House of Apples lately (read: overly obnoxious pre-schooler behavioral issues + visit from the in-laws = me going cuckoo!). Seriously – I’m sorry! I love you all (especially for reading my rambles)!

Oh, and I hate to report this, but my March goals have flown right out the window! I blame the Mermaid! Mermaid Fleece Artist Nova Socks that is!

The stuff has been sitting in my stash since… November, I think, and it’s been calling me every day since then!

Then, a few days ago (ok, more like a week ago), that little siren got to me…

(the yarn was originally intended for a pair of Pomatomus, but I think the same colour way, but in Sea Wool will do marvelously)

I’ve started the second mitten, but, as previously mentioned, things have been crazy around here, so I’ve not managed to get much time to work on them.

Just you wait, I’ll finish them and not be able to wear them because it’ll be too warm! You know what though? I wouldn’t mind – I’m ready for spring!!!


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