April Goals

Alright, it’s that time again!

First, here’s a quick list of FO’s for March:

  1. Mermaid mittens
  2. Blue Charity hat (aka Charity hat #3)
  3. Landscape washcloth
  4. Rosewood Washcloth
  5. Splish Splash Washcloth

Hmmm…Not as much as I might have liked to get done, but at least it’s something! That brings us to a total of 13 FO’s for 2008 (so far). Not too bad I guess….

Now, on to April…

  1. Finish Wicked (or knit until I’m out of yarn – bad feeling about this…)
  2. Aquire yarn for – and knit – Dad’s Birthday Socks (considering Hareton, or perhaps a pair of Thuja to mix things up)
  3. 2-3 washcloths (and perhaps a soap sock)
  4. Maybe start a pair of Dublin Bay socks (out of the Sea Wool I just frogged)
  5. Finish Black Fetching
  6. Foliage (???)

I’m kinda “meh” on that list, so it may change. One thing is for sure though – I need to finish that sweater! I need to get that monkey off my back!

You may notice that the No-Purl Monkey socks are nowhere to be seen. I had a bad feeling about the fit, so I tried them on (half way through the leg), and I couldn’t even get them up to my heel – forget about over it! So, they have been frogged. I think I need a break before going back to a monkey-esque pattern, hence the Dublin Bay socks on the above list. Oh well… At least I have my first Yarn Pirate shipment to look forward to!


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