The things I’ve learned (so far) this month…

I honestly feel like I’m not getting *anything* done with knitting this month! I’ve been running into problems with my socks, which has had me ripping out far more work than usual, and it’s starting to drive me a bit crazy!

Alas, I have learned some things:

  1. Do not attempt to kitchener when in a rush. The results will be fugly, and you will have to rip it out.
  2. Do not attempt to rip out above mentioned kitchener stitches during OR after consuming alcoholic beverages. It also, will not be pretty – in fact, you will likely end up ripping out more (i.e – half a toe or worse) than you would have had to if you just would have waited .
  3. Put down your knitting before you get so mad as to rip out half a sock (I, luckily, knew this one already, and did follow it, or I would have no more Leyburn socks)
  4. Sometimes – just sometimes, you might need to ask someone for help in learning/figuring out a technique (I think I need to do this, in regards to short-row heels. They don’t like me.)
  5. Buying yarn when you’re stressed really *does* help you feel better. But…
  6. Sometimes, just sometimes, buying yarn is somewhat stress inducing.
  7. Sometimes, the cure to everything, is knitting something for someone who is little, cute, and thinks you are the most awesome person ever.
  8. Magic Loop is awesome. I need more circs in sock sizes.

That’s all for now…


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