June Progress and July Goals

So, tomorrow is my last full day with internet until July 7th (because of the move), so I thought I’d go ahead and post now while I have a bit of time to relax before getting back to packing up the last little bits!

So, as a recap, my June goals were:

  1. Finish at least one of the Leyburn Socks
  2. Finish at least one of the Jaywalkers
  3. Start the Mystery Shawl
  4. Finish Mr.S’ Caterpillar wash cloth

And I managed:

  1. No. Short-row heel kicked my butt. However, I did manage to find some mods on Ravelry that should solve that problem (with a non-short-row-heel). I’ll work on these again when my head isn’t spinning anymore.
  2. Yep! Then I had to rip out the kitchenered toes, and ended up pulling out half of the toe. I’ll finish the toe on that one once I finish the second one (which I do happen to have OTN right now 😉 )
  3. Yeah. I tried. I don’t know that circular shawls are my thing. I’m going to wait to see some finished products before deciding to go back to it or not. I *did* start it though!
  4. Finito! It didn’t turn out as clearly as I would hoped it would on the dark green, but I think Mr. S will love it all the same!

I also went and started another pair of socks, this time for Mr.S. Here is sock #1 (#2 is currently 1/4th of the way done – should be completely finished by the next time I get to post):

I also finished another plain ‘ol washcloth this month (it can be seen here on Ravelry), and started a patterned one. Not bad progress this month I suppose.

Anyways, for July I would like to:

  1. Finish Mr.S’ socks
  2. Start Miss J’s socks
  3. Finish the Jaywalkers
  4. Conquer the heel on the Leyburns – hopefully finish the first sock and start on the second one.
  5. Knit MIL’s Christmas gift
  6. Knit another 1-2 washcloths

And on the non-knitting (but maybe with some yarn thrown in) part, I should also:

  1. Track down the polybead thingers I need for 3 Christmas gift projects
  2. Track down fabric for 2 of the 3 projects mentioned above
  3. Buy yarn for my sister’s Christmas gift

Well, that’s all for now folks! See you after our move!


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