Apparently, it’s not for me this month. Seriously. I’ve been ridiculously productive with my knitting so far this month.

In no particular order:

Barbie Dress #1 (of 3)

Big Sister & Little Brother Patina Socks

Bleue & Noir


Isn’t that crazy? I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but my knitting speed has picked up drastically! Those 2 pairs of socks? 4 days total to knit *both* pairs! I’m amazed, and I have to credit Magic Loop and Knit Picks circulars – they seem to have cut my knitting time drastically (for producing FOs that is).Oh, and it’s not pictured, but I also finished sock 1 of the Creamsicle socks.

The best part of this knitting productivity? All of the above pictured projects (with the exception of Bleue & Noir) are Christmas gifts! Yay!


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