Falling for Brown

Autumn is my absolute favorite season. Why?

Take this for example:

(Taken from my balcony yesterday. Yes, those are cows – I live close to a farm.)

Then combine that with the cool weather, and you have one very happy me. I really do love this time of year!

That being said, since the cooler weather hit, I seem to have been drawn to the colour brown – it’s showing up in just about every project that I’ve knit this month!

Just take a look and you’ll see:

Mr.S’ Hat

DH’s Hat (I know, I need a better photo!)

Miss J’s Hat

My fingerless Mitts

And, last but not least, brown even found it’s way into Miss J’s sweater

Ok, so that’s not a photo of the full sweater, and while it’s not completely done yet (just the button bands to go!), I need to get a better photo of it before I post one here! That is, however, the swatch for the yoke colour work. It might not be very feminine, but I know Miss J will love it (DH thinks so too).

Wanna hear something crazy? I’m almost done my Christmas knitting! For the stuff that I really wanted to get done, all I have left is Mr.S’ sweater, socks for my Dad, and fingerless mitts for my BFF! I was also going to knit the kids each a toy, but I think I’m going to save those for their birthdays instead!

I especialy think that being almost done is especially great, because now I’m starting to feel the urge to knit stockings and ornaments, so I won’t end up getting sidetracked by those things and ending up in a rush!


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