March is here!

Happy March everyone! It’s starting to feel like this year is just zooming right by!

February seems to have seen the return of my knitting mojo – 7 completed projects in February!

In February I completed:

  • The Branching Out scarf I started back in January
  • Gathered Scarf
  • Nova Mitts
  • My first short-row heel socks (for Miss J)
  • Loop-through scarf
  • Ribbed hat
  • a very plain wash cloth

I have also started a pair of slippers, but after completing the first one – and despite getting guage – I’m thinking I might have to re-start with the next size down. I’m going to see if I can shrink/felt the first one first, so we shall see how that goes…

In other news, I recently realized that I haven’t bought any yarn in over a month! Everything I’ve knit this year (with the exception of the Branching Out and J’s socks – but J bought that yarn with her own money), has been knit with stash yarn and I’m not even on a “yarn diet”. I’m just a little bit impressed with myself and can’t help but wonder how long this is going to last…


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