Socktoberfest Sock(s)!

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Ok, I woke up this morning with every intention of taking photos of the progress on these socks…

Memory card….check!

Do you think I can find my camera anywhere? NO! Memory card was in my laptop, but does me no good without the camera! So, I am left having to share this picture with you – one that does not show my true progress.

I love that these are coming along much faster than I had anticipated (I’m just about to start the heel now, so there’s about 4-5″ more done than is shown here) as it gives me hope that I am not actually insane and can manage to finish all of my projects I have planned before their Christmas deadline!

Anyways, now that I am at the heel, I am contemplating starting sock #2. Why? I think this might help avoid second sock syndrome, and I’ll be less likely to end up with 2 totally uneven socks! Good idea, no?

I’ll post a more updated photo if I can find the camera before the long-weekend sock drought starts…

Ok! Found the camera! I cast on for sock #2 and have half of the “cuff” done – hoping to have the cuff done, and be into the leg before the sock progress gets put on hold (till Tuesday, when hubby goes back to work!)

So, here they are:
Oh, and on another note – Damn you Boye for only selling your DPNs in sets of 4!! I actually now have to go out and buy a THIRD set of your dumb needles in the ONE size…Money hungry much?


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sarah on October 7, 2007 at 3:23 am

    Thanks for your lovely comment. I am really enjoying the couch. A little bit too much actually:) Hurray for socks! I can only imagine how difficult it must be to hide your gift knitting from your husband. Luckily all my gifts are going to people out of state! Good luck with Sock #2!


  2. Posted by Vicki on October 8, 2007 at 3:54 am

    Great idea, I say do it.

    When I knit for BF, I often do it right under his nose. He is so used to me knitting for friends, family and swap partners that it does not seem to occur that an item may be for him. Sneaky yeah? Of course it won’t work on your hubby if he is the sort to show interest in your craft and is likely to ask what you are making. Sadly, I don’t have that trouble.


  3. Posted by greenapples on October 8, 2007 at 4:53 am

    My hubby is always asking me what I’m making – I honestly think he’s proud of my crafting abilities – which is why I make him stuff (but only stuff he either hints at, or outright asks for). I’m actually making these socks, because when I was choosing sock pattern to knit for my dad, he said “I’d wear those, they look nice and comfy”.

    He knows that I’m knitting him something for Christmas – he asked to see my last LYS purchase (I honestly hope to make a knitter out of him yet – even his dad knits, so it might be possible!) and I had to tell him that he couldn’t see part of it, because it was intended for him. I could have tried to pass the socks off as ones for my dad, but he already knew that my dad said “no brown” (I gave my dad a choice of colours without telling him what it was for).

    My goodness, I do ramble on, don’t I?


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